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LED Lamp - My Heart, 3D Heart, Illusion Lamp

LED Lamp - My Heart, 3D Heart, Illusion Lamp

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LED Illusion Lamps are beautiful. They make unique and amazing gifts. This design is the perfect gift for your significant other or another loved one. It can symbolize the giving of one's heart or could imply the recipient has the giver's heart. The LED base runs on 3 (AA) batteries (not included) or plugged into a USB cable. Our lamps are multicolored and offer a variety of "auto-play" options. With the included remote you can manually set the lamp to 1 of 16 colors or set it to switch from color to color in different "programs" (i.e. flash, fade, smooth & strobe). You can also control the brightness. From the base alone you can change from one color to another as well as power it on or off.

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